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Taking the step

Dedicated to all our young Muslims taking the step into maturity and to those in their teens!

Dedicated to all our young Muslims taking the step into maturity and to those in their teens!

Allah Ta’ala, in His infinite wisdom has created us perfectly; not only our form, but the process of transformation that we all go through, throughout our lives. From birth, our growth in size and increase in weight. One of the stages of growth or perfection in our creation is the stage of becoming mature. It is unique and confusing for some at the same time. One will find a major change in one’s body form, one’s feelings, one likes and dislikes and even in one’s thinking.

This stage is a very critical one. It can be an easy time for some teenagers, while it could turn out completely challenging for others. The reason for this is that there are so many things that seem to be going on, that one is lost most of the time. There are many things that seem unclear, many things just seem totally just out of order for no reason at all, and in all of this we have to be upright, performing well and pleasing everyone. A daunting task, to say the least, especially in the times we live in.

When our parents or teachers speak to us, it seems as though they live on another planet and we just can’t be right. So how do we pass this stage safely? A few pointers are presented below. Insha Allah these will help the Muslim teenager solve many confusing things and will help him / her go through this adolescent stage.

First and foremost you must understand that Allah Ta’ala has created you unique and there is good reason behind it. Moreover, as Muslims, we have a great purpose in life and one has to be convinced of this although it may seem difficult to understand during this time.

There must be an open communication between you and your parents.  These are the two most important people in your life.  

Request help to solve all issues you face in terms of growing up, family life, performance at school and Madrasah and everything about life. Search for good, pious company. Those who spend their time correctly, in the obedience of Allah Ta’ala, helping others and being an asset to society.

Align yourself to a mentor with whom you have compatibility and whom you can confide. It could be an Imam, Shaikh, Ustadh, somebody that has a good understanding of life, who will guide you as you speak to him on a regular basis. Read authentic, reliable Islamic literature. This will open your heart, broaden your understanding of life and help you in almost everything.

Know that there are many things you will never understand right now. Once you have matured completely, things will make more sense to you. So if there is something you are told apparently makes no sense, then leave it for now. A time will soon come when you will.

Look for role models in the elite group of Sahabah (Radiyallahu Anhu) like Hadrat Usamah bin Zaid (Radiyallahu), Hadrat ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbas(Radiyallahu Anhu) and others that earned the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala and Rasulullah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) in this world. You will find a firm footing this way and not be swayed by the ‘stars’ of today like. Remember that you are a Muslim before anything else. Therefore, obey the command of Allah Ta’ala at every stage of your life, and know that the Sunnah is your guide.

Beloved Muslim youth, adopt these pointers and you will see a deeper meaning to life and where you stand.

Life is not just to pass time on earth or to spend in useless activity. May Allah Ta’ala guide us to live a life according to His pleasure. Aameen.

Courtesy – An Nasihah.

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