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‘Y.O.U’ hosts ‘six-a-side’ soccer tournament

On Wednesday 3 April 2013, over 200 young men and Ulama participated in a ‘six-a-side’ soccer tournament at the Al-Falaah College’s outdoor Astro Turf field.

The ‘Youth of the Ummah’ (Y.O.U), the youth wing of Darul Ihsan Centre, hosted the tournament.

The tournament was held in the spirit of bridge-building interspersed with educational (and other) activities to empower the youth of the Ummah.

A total of 20 teams, from the greater Durban area, Overport, Parlock, Westville, Phoenix, As Salaam and Inchanga participated in the tournament.

The teams were supervised by Ulama of the respective areas, who are actively involved with the youth.

There was a slight drizzle at kick-off which became steady as the afternoon wore on. At one stage, a decision was taken to terminate the tournament due to the excessive rain. However, the participants - in the spirit of the game - urged us to carry-on with the tournament.

The tournament stopped for Zuhr at 12:15pm after which a special Q & A programme was held for the youth. Many questions were received from the floor on various issues facing the youth. The Q & A programme was presented with a touch of humour that kept the youth attentive. Motivational advices were also imparted to the youth on the importance of their role in the Ummah. They were reminded about the fitness of the Sahabah and their zeal to serve Deen. Teachings on discipline, development, spiritual reformation and respect of elders were also imparted.

A sumptuous lunch was then served.

Thereafter the tournament resumed with teams moving into the quarter finals, semi-finals and eventually culminating into the final match.  The matches were played in a good spirit of discipline with youngsters acknowledging each other after their duals.

Many of the young men expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to participate in such an event.

Darul Ihsan Media Desk

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