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‘YOU’ 2015 Youth Adventure Camp – a huge success

The ‘Adventure Camp,’ a three day event which began on Monday, 14 December and ended on Wednesday, 16 December (Day of Reconciliation) saw 70 boys taking part in the camp - the highest number of participants ever - since the inception of the three day activity programme six years ago.

The participants were equally divided between those from KZN and Gauteng.

The primary activities of the camp were abseiling, paintball, ‘Zip-Line,’ ‘King Swing,’ tree climbing, hiking, an obstacle course, canoe racing and many other team building and group activities. Seven adult male facilitators - most of whom were Ulama from Darul Ihsan Centre - supervised and coordinated the three day event and also partook in all activities with the youth.

All instructions and safety briefings were given to the participants and all necessary precautions were taken before the commencement of the various activities.

Many Islamic programmes were presented and spiritual advices given during the three day programme. 

Dedicated programmes such as Zikr and recitation of Yaseen took place after Fajr Salah – which was followed by Ishraq Salah. After Zuhr Salah, extracts from Fazail e Amal were read and explained to the attentive youth. General advices, talks on the life of the Sahaba, some pertinent aspects of the history of Islam followed between Asr and Maghrib Salah. After Isha Salah, some brief advices were given followed by Tahajud Salah. Alhamdulillah, all the 5 Salahs were performed in Jamat with all participants and facilitators. All participants enjoyed all the activities and benefitted spiritually in brotherhood.

In what is seen as a media onslaught on Muslims worldwide the essence of the programme is for our youth to become ambassadors of Islam and to stand united as Muslims and, at the same time, enjoy the adventure, have fun and acquire knowledge within the boundaries of Shariah.

Alhamdulillah, at the end everyone reached home safely, excited and inspired by participating in the camp.

Insha Allah, Darul Ihsan Centre - through ‘Y.O.U.’ - will endeavour to have more programmes for our youth in the future

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