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Krantzkloof Hiking Trip

Dear Parent,

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh.

As part of giving our youth a holistic upbringing from an educational, spiritual and developmental perspective, the natural environment together with good, wholesome activities play an important role. The outdoor ‘classroom’ is said to be one of the most effective ways in which to empower learners with valuable tools prescribed by Islam such as respect, self confidence, self esteem and teamwork.

Our vision is to make learning these life skills an active experience which is fun, engaging and guided by a sound Islamic ethos. In doing so, we make use of various venues to provide your child with an opportunity to develop, inculcate true Islamic values, build friendships and create memories that will last a lifetime. Each activity on our course is carefully selected to meet our objectives. All our activities are then packaged into a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

It gives us great pleasure to provide you with details of our programme:

This course is open to boys, age 12 - 18. Participants are required to report to the departure point at 8h00. Islamic guidance programs will be held regularly on course by our respected Ulama. (N.B Activities subject to change without prior notice, time & weather permitting)

Specific details of the course are given below:

Who can attend? Boys only age 12-18

Meet at: Masjid Taqwa (Sea Cow Lake)

Start Date\Time: 08h30 on 16 March 2019

End Date\Time: 15h30 (time is an approximation only)

Cost: R100 per person (includes meals, transport & hike). Payment can be made by EFT, Cheque Deposit, Cash Deposit*, Credit card (via the website) or dropped off at Darul Ihsan (refer to address below) 

Venue: Krantzkloof Hiking Trip

Facilitators on course

Ml Muhammad Ilyaas Eshak 071 890 4705

Ml Muhammad Parak 082 786 2756

Ml Suhail Motala 083 377 8683

Should your child wish to attend this course, he needs to take the following actions:

Deadline: 15 March 2019

Register online @ www.you.org.za  or call 031 577 7868 should you require the forms to be emailed / faxed to you.

Banking Details

Darul Ihsan 
First National Bank
Branch Code: 220329
Account Number:  62423026930
Reference: participants name + Hike

Please email proof of payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax to 031 577 6012 with same ref.

Please note that places are limited and participants will only be confirmed on the course once both, the proof of payment and Indemnity form is received. We will be allocating places on a first come first serve basis. We encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment.

Should you or your child have any further queries, please feel free to contact Ml Muhammed Ilyaas Eshak on 031 577 7868. We look forward to your support and welcoming your child on the course. Shukran!


1.      Comfortable old outdoor shoes / Trainers / Slops / Sandals.

2.      Raincoat / Poncho

3.      Sunscreen, sunglasses, & cap

4.      Water bottle and enough Isotonic drink sachets (eg. game)

5.      Suitable clothing for Salah (Topee, Kurta)

The following items are not permitted and could lead to expulsion from the Camp:

  • Any weapons / dangerous objects , etc
  • Radio / iPod / Mobile phones / MP3 player, etc - This is an outdoor camp!
  • Cigarettes (including Hooka pipes, hubbly bubbly, etc)

Please Note:

  • No valuables are to be brought by the participant.
  • Costumes, shorts, etc. must cover from the navel to below the knee, as this is the private part (Satr) of a Muslim male, which has to be covered at all times. Parents are requested to encourage our youngsters to purchase jammies, 3 quarter pants, etc instead, which covers the said area.

Event Properties

Event date: 16-03-2019 8:00 am
Event End Date: 16-03-2019 3:30 pm
Cut off date 15-03-2019
Individual Price R100.00
Location Krantzkloof Nature Reserve
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