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Infatuated by a girl at campus!

Q. I am 19 years old and attend campus. At the start of the year I saw this girl who greeted me as we passed each other. Ever since then, I always greet her when seeing her. The thing is that since the very first day I saw her and later got to know a bit more about her, not by communicating but by observing her gestures and interaction with others I was instantly attracted to her.

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Drug Addiction

Family and society in general can play an influential role in assisting drug addicts to overcome drug addiction.

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Missing Salaah

I am a school-going boy. Lately, I have been missing my salaah often. I miss at least one salaah a day presently. I am awake at the time, but still, I delay and I fall asleep and miss my salaah (mostly ‘esha and fajr salaah).

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Looking for direction in life!

I am very much disturbed with what’s happening in my life. Kindly help me out. I come from a broken family and never had a peaceful life. Always found happiness outside the house.

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